We help increase catering sales to our restaurant partners, through direct marketing, social media, and through our unique network of catering contacts in corporate offices that we have cultivated through the years of being in the restaurant industry. Our rate is quite reasonable, and it should be emphasized that we are not another corporate catering company in social networks, since our purpose is to establish a personal relationship with both the corporate client and the restaurant, which allows us to know first-hand the needs of both of them, and serve better on a regular basis.

The corporate client places a catering order through us, and then we immediately notify the associated restaurant. In Bon Appetit Corporate Catering we make sure that the order is completed satisfactorily, even if there is a change in the order, we will proceed to notify you in advance. In Bon Appetit Corporate Catering we offer available and optional office delivery service. Our rates are quite reasonable, and very competitive. We have digital tools to position your brand and your restaurant on our website and in social networks, thus increasing your income and your client portfolio. Optionally, we are able to promote your business, through short videos made on your site, placed on our website. We are not another catering company; we are Bon Appetit Art… .. the art of good food.